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Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle

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Because each piece is one of a kind, Kathy prefers to be contacted via phone or email.
Telephone: (410)341.4353
Email: kathy@kathyboyle.com

About the artist

Kathy recreates the softness of the bird, both in color and form in her work. This can be done only after careful study of the particular species which she is carving. This careful attention to detail lays the foundation for the fine carvings for which she is known.

Kathy Boyle was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated with a B.A. degree in French from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus. After graduation, she began working for the federal government in the Baltimore area.

In 1975, Kathy became fascinated with a chickadee carving she had purchased. She enjoyed studying the birds that frequented her feeders. She began carving the birds with which she was most familiar. She carved as a hobby until 1978, at which time she began carving full time.

Kathy specializes in Carvings, but also carves game birds, shorebirds and birds of prey. Kathy became best known for her chickadee carvings after "Wildfowl Collecting and Carving" magazinefeatured an article on her entitled "Chickadee Chic."

Her works have been exhibited throughout the country, in such prestigous shows as the Easton Waterfowl Fesitval, the Southeastern and Northeastern Wildlife Expositions, the Ward Foundation exhibits, and at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's "Bird in Art Exhibit."

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