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Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle Hand Carved Decoys by Kathy Boyle
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Kathy starts by researching the species, then begins to carve the bird using many of the tools that a dentist uses. Glass eyes are inserted to give the bird a realistic look. Fine detail is wood burned to give the appearance of real feathers. The wire legs are attached and the bird is painted with a series of thin layers of paint to give an appearance of softness. The bird is then put on driftwood attached on its perch. It will be either on a walnut base for a table piece or on wood alone to be hung on the wall. Kathy's birds range in price from $250 for chickadees, wrens goldfinches, hummingbirds, etc and up.
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Kathy creates her jewelry from fine silver using Precious Metal Clay. Using this material allows her to use her carving and design skills to make realistic and impressionistic pieces. In many of her pieces, Kathy adds dichroic glass, cubic zirconias, gold KumBoo, gold electroplating, enameling, fine silver wire, and glazes. In other words, she is only limited by her own imagination. Kathy's pieces range in price from $75 to $ 200.

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Kathy Boyle jewelry
Kathy Boyle ornaments


It's never not Christmas at Kathy's house. Her fine renditions of ornaments make great gifts every day of the year. Each ornament is a casting of one of Kathy's original carved ornaments. Kathy paints the front side to contain all the detail of one of her finely carved sculptures. The back is block painted to sow the essence of the species. Each ornament is approximately 4 to 5 inches long. Each sells for $15.

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